Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello Kitty Bow Tutorial and Giveaway


Bow Template
Black Felt
Red Felt (or any color you like)
Black Thread
White Marking Pencil or tailors chalk

Download and print the Bow Template and if you want the Tutorial Too. I print mine on Card-stock and think it gives it a bit more durability for multiple bows.

Step 1- Cut out Pattern Pieces (I don't cut those inner little circles I free hand those on the felt by site because they are too small to trace.)

Step 2:
Cut out 3 felt pieces 2 Black and 1 pink (or what ever you want)

Step 3:
Use fabric marking chalk to trace and then cut out the Front of the bow on the felt.

Step 4:
Attach the little oval-ish piece to the back of the back piece of your bow. I use the machine for this part or double and triple stitch by hand for strength and durability.

Step 5:
Sew around the edges of the top part of the bow (inside and out) see the picture. I did this in paint so you can sort of see where I sew

TA - DA!!!! Finished!

to wear slip a hair clip into the back and clip into hair, use a bobby pin, slip on a head band (See my Pic at top of post), use safety on an outfit or bag, or whatever! I totally want to see your finished products and HOW you wear them!!

***Please don't re-post my tutorial on your site or directly to my PDF instead PLEASE link to my blog post and let them get the tutorial and template from here. I appreciate it a ton! ***

GIVE AWAY! I'm feeling generous so I'm giving away one of my bows! You pick the color (Red, Pink, or Purple)....
1. Leave a comment telling me what color you would want and how you'd wear it and you're entered to win
2. Follow my blog and leave a second comment for a 2nd chance to win!

***Edit*** Winner will be picked Friday February 4th at 8pm Est (sorry I left this out before) ***




  1. Wow! You're such an official blogger now! You have a giveaway and everything!

  2. LOL! Its true... I have to stay busy or I'll go nuts! Besides it makes having all these crazy ideas in my head WAY more tolerable because I can see that I'm actually doing something with them! I'm already typing up my NEXT tutorial! :) Soo official so busy :)

  3. RED! I'd wear it to work, any/everywhere, I'd also slip it onto a black headband as well! Super cute!

  4. I would wear the purple bow on my right side looking all kitty like.

  5. Pink and I think I will wear it at the collar on a white v-neck t-shirt with a pair of jeans!!! I'll be the hottest old lady in my backyard! LOL Then I will give to Mini Mimi (my granddaughter's nickname...I'm Mimi) because she will just have to have it since she love's Hello Kitty (her Aunt lived in Japan for awhile) Did you know Hello Kitty is a symbol of good luck and prosperity?

  6. I would love a purple one to wear on a headband with my wig, instead of this one: :D

  7. Oh so cute! I love Hello Kitty! I would love a Red bow - and match it with a red shirt and blue jeans :D

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  8. My daughter took one look at this and said, "Can you make those for my birthday party?" let's see, 12 girls...two months away...maybe? So if I won, I would let my daughter wear it! She loves pink. LOL Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I would love red!