Friday, February 4, 2011

Headband and Hairbow Holder Tutorial


-Empty Oatmeal Container (or other similar container)
-Cotton Batting (like for quilts The cheap stuff is perfect I didn't have that so I used what I had)
-Fabric of your choice to cover container (I didn't measure but it can probably be done with a fat quarter)
-Hot glue gun and plenty of glue
-Coordinating construction paper

Step 1: Take cotton batting and wrap it around the container twice. I did this with the lid on so that I wouldn't accidentally glue it too high and then not be able to use the lid later! I glued one side seam, then did top and bottom at the same time in small sections, then did 2nd side seam and was able to trim extra off then.

Step 2: Since your fabric will be longer than your container just do the middle seam for now. Do one side. Wrap fabric around pulling tight and then glue down. If the edge is raw and fraying consider folding over before gluing for a more polished look.

Step 3: Starting on the bottom of your container. Trim fabric so its only has about an inch extra. Then slowly glue the excess fabric down stretching it tight as you go and smoothing wrinkles.

Step 4: This is pretty much step 3 repeated on the top only I glued in 2 places on the top. I did my first glue just over the lip of the container on the inside all the way around. Then I glued again under the lip (it sorta sticks out a little in the container.

Step 5: Cut 2 circles just smaller than your container one to cover the bottom to make it pretty and one for the lid.... Or skip the bottom I mean who looks at the bottom... and spray paint the lid :)

Step 6: (Optional) Use a piece of construction paper to cover the inside of the container. Cut to the same length as the inside of the container then glue inside to cover raw edges. (I don't know if I'll go back and do this for myself, but if I were making it for some one else I TOTALLY would!)

Step 7: Drill or use scissors to poke a hole in the top of the lid. Take a piece of ribbon and tie a bow with 2 reallllllly long ends and double knot it.... (like tying your shoe) then feed this into the hole in the lid. The knot should keep it from falling through. Then tie a knot on the inside of the lid to keep it from pulling out. Tie a knot in the end of each string that is hanging into the container to keep things from sliding off. (SOOOOO sorry there aren't more pictures of this step it was sort of a quick decision that turned out great but doesn't have pics, but look at the 2 pics at the top to sorta see what I mean!)

On the top I clipped a bow that I really like and thought looked good on top, but you could do anything to decorate the top or just leave with the little bow.

Then pile on the head bands and clip on the hair bows. My counter is a TON cleaner now and I can still see everything... and ACTUALLY find what I'm looking for!

Download this Tutorial as a PDF

***Please don't re-post my tutorial on your site or directly to my PDF instead PLEASE link to my blog post and let them get the tutorial from MY BLOG. I appreciate it a ton! ***


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