Friday, December 16, 2011

Avacado Tree

 If  you remember My List of Things I want To Learn and Do planting an Avocado tree is on that list.... 
Well I did it!!

Well the Hubby and I did it a couple of weeks ago. This is a tree my mom started about 3 years ago on her kitchen counter. She then put it in a pot for me at her house. Well 3 years later it really needed more room. So I kidnapped it and planted it! It seems to be doing great. I now I just need to fertilize it a bit and keep it from freezing over the winter and maybe in the next year it will start to give me fruit!



  1. aw, fun! Craig's mom starts one with like every other avocado they eat. Personally I'm not into the Avocado thing...but I do like how well they grow!

  2. My mom started this one about 3 years ago for me... I just got around to planting it! I like avocados... I also like sharing what I grow... This will let me do both! :)