Monday, October 10, 2011

Things I want to learn and do

So here is a list of random things I want to learn about and do over the next ---- well eventually.

To Learn -
Basket weaving
Cheese making
Soap Making
Homemade Green Cleaners - (I already do Laundry soap)
Speak Spanish
Play Guitar

To Do-
Raise Chickens
Establish an Aquaponics system
Fence in my back yard
Plant a herb garden
Practice my Book Binding
Expand my vegetable garden
Plant fruit trees (Avacado - Citrus - Mulberry)
Plant Berry Bushes (Strawberry - raspberry - blueberry)
Try Rabbit
Build a Green House roof
Get a shed
Reduce waste
Brew Elder Flower Champagne 
Small vertical hydroponics
Maybe a clothes line
Blog more consistantly
Teach others what I know!
Make and/or modify more of my own clothing

Wishful Thinking- 
Perfectly Clean House
Pest Free ORGANIC garden

Ok so I know its a lot, but its what I want to do. I'm working to create a more sustainable backyard that focuses on producing more of my own food - especially fruits and vegetables. Plus fresh eggs and possible meat chickens and/or rabbits EVENTUALLY. Through Aquaponics I'll be able to grow more veg in my semi greenhouse and as a byproduct every 2 years or so I'll get to harvest fresh fish!

I'm also totally engrossed with what I call Dying Arts. The loss of the craftsman is a sad sad situation. Which is why I am apparently single handedly working to learn as much as possible. Plus I totally love learning and enjoy it and look forward to it. Its just so exciting to learn and try and experiment, so that is what I'm working on now.

I know its a little hippytastic, but it makes me happy - and isn't that all that matters?



  1. It is a little hippytastic...that is true! But it's neat!! It will be cool to just pick one at a time and eventually cross them off...props for getting a literal list together to see and use for motivation

  2. Well I made the mistake of watching Food, Inc. and since then I'm disgusted with the way food is grown, processed, and delivered to local stores.

    That led to several other documentaries which were equally as disturbing and angering. Plus I've always loved gardening and have wanted chickens for a while... so now I'm doing something about it.

    In the process I'll make my self less dependent on others for food, become more self sufficient, and make less impact on the earth.

    So bring on the tie die and Birkenstock (OK skip the Birkenstock!)