Saturday, October 1, 2011

Major Blog Edit and Content Shift

I've gone back through and deleted about 50 blog posts of nothing important. I've left all tutorials and posts of substance, but this blog is going to be focusing more on me and the process to become more self sufficient. I want to use it partly as a journal of my experience and also as an inspiration for others to join in if its something they are interested in.

It should be said that I'm a city girl and have no real training in ANY of this. So I'll be learning as I go, making TONS of mistakes, but most importantly having FUN! I believe that a HUGE part of something being sustainable is that you have to enjoy doing it.

I'll still be doing crafty things, I'll still be journaling, and I'll hopefully be posting a lot more because its something that I'm passionate about!

Here goes nothing!


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