Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Garden Update

My garden is growing - and Growing - and GROWING!!

Cucumbers - man oh man are my cukes looking good! They've been taking over and I've got probably 50 little fruits all over the vines. They are climbing on EVERYTHING and it's a fight to keep them off the tomatoes.

Tomatoes- The tomatoes keep growing and getting taller, but no fruit or flowers yet.

Cantaloupe- These aren't going nearly as crazy as the cukes which is ok because I can't eat them on my current diet, but I still want them to grow! I've got flowers blooming, but no fruit yet.

Bell Peppers- Boy do these look sad - and small - they are about 3 inch tall and one has already died leaving me 2 tiny plants, but we'll see. I'm not even sure this is the right season for them - Shrug its all just one on going experiment!

Sweet Peas- They are growing and growing, but they look meh at best. The lower leaves are a bit yellow and I've only seen one bloom, but they are about 1 ft tall now and so I'll give them time.

Broccoli- When the cold (lol in Florida the 70's is cold lol) weather hit my broccoli doubled in size making it about 1 inch - sad and pathetic, plus 4 plants were eaten by bugs. So I bought some starts from the nursery, and those are doing ok - We will see!

Corn- I ripped out all the corn! For several reasons - were not eating it on our diet, it kept getting caterpillar damage, it took up a lot of room, and mom gave me collard starts!

Collard Greens- they are alive after transplanting... which is GREAT!! Its only been a few days but they look good!

Green Beans- UGGH! - What a LOT of work - I keep getting caterpillars- ones that eat and roll the leaf so I've been smushing them and trying to crush all the eggs I find, but its a never ending battle. Plus the bush beans are more like lean over and shade the collard beans which bugs me. I may have to add a string separating the 2 crops until the collards get bigger. I've eaten 1 green bean, but it was tiny. I've seen lots of flowers so more should be coming soon. I can't wait!!


  1. Grow little garden, grow! You're so much braver than I. I wish I would be dedicated enough to do this.... (Ok, if I had a yard that is haha. Can't really have a 14th floor apt and a garden)..but I don't think I ever will be. Can't wait to come home and eat some cukes!

  2. Alas my poor cukes have some kind of "pickle worm" that has been devastating my poor cucumbers, but I'm gonna find them and lovingly DESTROY them!! :)