Thursday, December 8, 2011


So I FINALLY have a ripe tomato! I planted these in August I think and they are JUST turning red! The bushes are covered in little green tomatoes, but they have taken ages to ripen. I finally, finally, FINALLY get to enjoy the fruit of my labor! (instead of having to steal them from my moms garden!)

Just thought I'd share that quick update with you!



  1. Do you use fertilizer/plant food? Are they outside or indoors? My dad's garden always had tons of tomatoes - they were always in full sun, though.

  2. I have tons of tomatoes... they have just taken forever to ripen... maybe I'm just impatient. Mine are ORGANIC - I use a mixture of worm tea and rabbit poop to fertilize. I may need more sun,, but we work with what we are given! :)