Monday, October 4, 2010

Boy have I been busy!

Since I've quit my job 2 things have happened.... 1 I have more time... 2 we have less money. Funny how that works out! So to save money (and because its my secret addiction) I've been clipping coupons! Yay coupons I'm so glad to have you back in my life! I was previously using The Grocery Game... and LOVED it, but its 10 bucks a month which is more than fair, but the "upgrades" are supposed to make it fancy make it a pain!

Then after finding Addicted to Saving My heart is stolen.. Plus its free!!

I also like Southern Savers because Florida IS the south! In fact its almost as far SOUTH as you can go in the USA! Plus they have a Publix section where shopping, saving, and working truly are a pleasure!

I've been hoeing, pulling weeds, digging, shoveling, and trying to turn a section of my front walkway into a veggie and herb garden. However, to do so there are some very unruly shrubs that I am having to Yank pull shovel rip pull muscles trying to remove their crazy root structures!

PLUS I went into my back yard where last years garden was and my potatoes that did terrible last year apparently have chosen this year to plant them selves and GROWWWWW! So I'll baby them a little and see if I get some potatoes!

Planting plans.... Current Tomatoes (so delicious and tiny), cilantro, oregano, Jalapeno, Basil, Broccoli (maybe) and what ever else my hippie mother sneaks into my yard when I'm not looking.

Apparently Spring cleaning has NOTHING on fall cleaning in the mad mixed up world of LuLu! I've fully cleaned the counters, organized the spice cabinet, vitamin cabinet, Coffee stock, boxed up seldom never used items from the kitchen, eliminated cups and glasses that we don't use, and managed to bake, cook, and have a home cooked meal every night.

I don't know how long I can keep up this pace! Plus I've been sneaking in a crafty project or two which I'll sneak you a peak of soon!


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