Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Wreath

 Last week I made this awesome Halloween wreath which was shamelessly inspired by Crafts and Sutch. It's not 100% perfect yet. I still want to add a big creepy black bow at the bottom, but alas I don't have the perfect ribbon yet. I figure this is good enough for this year and next year I'll add a bow with what ever after Halloween ribbon I get this year!

The hubby likes it and that's all that matters. I believe he said "you know babe this is pretty awesome... I really like it" Needless to say I had a HUGE grin on my face! That man is amazing!

So here is how I did this wreath but crafts and sutch has great pictures too!


Most of these are from the dollar store!! Yay! The glitter, paint, and glue gun I had and the spiders came in a big bag of spider webbing from the dollar store last year. This year I spent 3 dollars on this project! OOOPPPs I lied... I spent 4 dollars! lol I forgot that the sign isn't listed here and I didn't find one at the dollar store, but Michaels had one for a dollar so I got it!!

The Process:

So grab a hand full of your moss (tug hard if its stuck) then using your glue gun haphazardly drizzle glue over a 2 - 4 inch section of your wreath frame and attach the moss. Continue until the frame is covered.

This was my crazy method for glittering the spiders since I had already cut the ring portion of the spiders off I hot glued them to long wooden toothpicks from the kitchen and then used a Styrofoam plate to hold them up like a creepy Halloween bug collection. Then I painted on my glitter glue and let them dry.

Apparently this is where I stopped taking pictures because the camera battery died and I was too impatient to wait! LOL
Then using a blend of black, white, and gray paint I painted the sign. To get my words on the sign I printed them on my regular boring paper. Then cut it down to the size of the words with a little extra border of paper. Then on the back of the paper I shaded the entire area with a regular pencil. I then laid that on top of my lovely dry painted piece of wood and traced the out line of the words. The pencil on the back of the paper works as a transfer medium and you are left with a pencil out line of the words to fill in with paint. Then I painted the words onto the sign using a very small paint brush. Added the sign with left over twine and spread out my spiders in various positions around the wreath. 



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