Monday, September 27, 2010

Looking For LuLu

This isn't really a blog that fits into one specific area. This won't just be creative crafts, it won't just be complaining, and it won't just be philosophical debates. However, I'm sure this blog will have all three!

Lose 100 LBS - 1 year
Learn Japanese - 3-5 years for fluency
Craft and create - monthly
Figure out who I want to be - Uggh.... eventually?
Figure out what I want to do - Uggh.... eventually?
publish a book- I gotta write it first.... I think I've picked my characters though!

Not all of these goals have time lines just yet... I'm working on some of them simultaneously, and others postponing a little.

I'm modern, but sometimes vintage. I want to be a punk rock princess, but end up looking like a 12 year old... it’s not my fault that the tween style has taken on a whole lot of the best parts of punk... only I liked them before they were cool. Plus my face is WAY too round. My house is modern yard sale thrift with a splash of crafty and Ikea just for good measure. My favorite colors colours are black and white and sometimes gray. If I could get away with it I think I'd always wear my school girl skirt. I want to be edgy and push the limits, but I don't think it works as often as I'd like.

I've got a BS in Elementary Education, but as of this Friday I am officially quitting retiring to pursue something that makes me happy... I'm not sure what that is just yet.... for now it’s an under paid cashier at a local Super Market. Its funny quitting a JOB that makes you MISERABLE is SOOOOOOOOO freeing. I actually am enjoying life now and it’s amazing. Teaching isn't for everyone and that fine. I miss the kids more than even I thought I would, but I don't miss the 70 hours a week grading, planning, and analyzing!

I guess that's a good start in figuring out myself!


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